The Bad Trio

Making Films For Life

The Process

The films are made by Simon, and then they read by Alex and Sam. Alex and Sam add or take things away from the script Simon makes. The three of us film later in the year. Sam then gets the film on a DVD to make changes. Sam then puts breaks in the right places, adds a title, ending credits etc. Then Sam makes two copies of the film, gives to Simon and Alex. Soon we hope that you will be able to buy the films on DVD and maybe in the future be able to buy them on Blu-Ray.


The first bit takes about a week for Simon to make the script.

The second bit takes about 4 days for changes and new ideas.

The third bit takes about a month to get the house ready and to get a few days when we are all free and off school.

The final bit takes about two weeks.

So altogether it takes about two months for the whole process from start to finish.